The remit of the Business Committee is to order the business of Presbytery meetings and to deal with all matters not otherwise within the remit of a particular committee.


Delegated Powers:-

  1. To make arrangements for all Special Services.

  2. To make appointments other than those that fall to the Nomination Committee to recommend or to make, including the appointment of ad hoc committees to consider Assembly Remits.

  3. To elect Commissioners to the General Assembly in accordance with the approved Rotas.

  4. To bring forward to Presbytery the name for consideration as the Moderator of Presbytery for the ensuing year.

  5. To advise the Moderator to call a meeting in the event of business arising which, in the opinion of the Committee, requires to be considered by the Presbytery and which cannot be held over until the next ordinary meeting.

  6. To act as the Vacancy Procedure Committee in terms of Act VIII 2003.

  7. To oversee Safeguarding Procedures within the Presbytery.

  8. To act in routine matters not the business of other Committees in accordance with the accepted practice and procedure of the Church.

Convener: Rev David Cameron