Deployment of Resources

Deployment of Resources Committee


The remit of the Deployment of Resources Committee is:


  • to implement parish appraisal matters in accordance with the Presbytery Plan.

  • to conduct an annual review of the Presbytery Plan.

  • to consider and advise on all applications to carry out fabric works the cost of which exceeds the current Financial Limit declared by the General Assembly, with a view to advising the Presbytery whether the building involved is a necessary building in terms of the ongoing missionary strategy of the Church.

  • to consider and advise on applications from Kirk Sessions for the appointment of full-time or part-time Associate or Assistant Ministers, or for the appointment of any other form of parish assistance.

  • to receive and consider all requests for amendments to parish boundaries and to negotiate amendments with Kirk Sessions.

  • to receive Annual Reports from Parish Teams, Team Ministries and Emerging Ministries.

  • to represent the Presbytery, if required, at interviews for Presbytery Parish Worker posts.



Convener:      Rev Norman Smith


Application for a local appointment

(Please note this form is not required for the appointment of Church organists, musicians, church officers, cleaners etc, but for other additional members of staff such as youth, children and family workers, pastoral assistants, Associate or Assistant Ministers, and parish workers who are not provided for in the Presbytery Plan.)

You can download a PDF here to print and complete by hand.

Or download a Word version here that you can complete using Word.